How To Keep the Toddlers Occupied While Driving?

As the days grow shorter, the weather gets colder, and the holiday season is drawing near, you may find yourself spending a lot of time in the car with your kids. While sitting still and watching a movie isn’t exactly thrilling for kids, it’s better than having them fight with each other, whine, or complain about being bored. And, if you’re driving a long commute, keeping kids entertained can help make the drive go faster (and better).

It can sometimes be challenging to keep them occupied during the long drives when traveling with a toddler. You long for your peaceful drive, with no one screaming in the back seat, but you just can’t seem to get them to take a break. If this is you, you’re not alone? Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep your toddler entertained, even on long journeys.

Here’s How to Keep the Toddlers Occupied While Driving:

  • Take along a few new apps or games.

Kids can really take the fun out of a road trip. Sure, you can pack a bunch of toys to keep them entertained, but don’t count on it. Instead, consider taking along a few new apps or games on your smartphone to help them pass the time in the car. Kids and moms will love these fun, educational apps no matter their age.

  • Travel Activity Packs.

Keeping your toddler occupied while they ride in your vehicle can be a huge challenge. After all, toddlers are full of energy, and sitting still for long periods of time in the car can be incredibly boring! To help keep your toddler entertained, why not bring along travel activity packs? Instead of buying premade activity packs, make your own. Simply save any unused wrapping paper rolls, and use them as activity holders. Then, inside each roll, pack a few fun sensory items.

  • Handheld Games-Consoles 

Playing a handheld video game can keep toddlers entertained and out of your hair, but many of us have turned this trick on us. It’s virtually impossible to find a pair of headphones that you can secure over your toddler’s ears without being spied upon. Traveling with children can be a real challenge, but it’s possible to bring something to entertain the little ones. There are countless handheld game consoles on the market that can keep the kids quiet, and, even better, you can have them at your feet.

  • Educational Books.

Toddlers are exhausting. Between their tantrums and constant need for attention, it’s no wonder parents feel like they’re driving through molasses when they’ve got a wiggly toddler in the backseat. While you can probably use every trick in the book to keep your kids happy in the car, there’s one trick that many parents fail to consider when trying to entertain their toddlers—books. Whether it’s from boredom or curiosity, kids love books. 

  • Toys and games. 

Getting kids to spend time in the car can be hard, especially when you have a toddler that’s constantly asking to be entertained. Toys and games, however, are something that all children love. They are great for car trips or other long trips and help keep toddlers entertained, even while you’re driving.

  • Family Fun Sing-Alongs.

Kids are always on the lookout for something to do in the car. One of the best ways to keep them entertained is with a sing-along. We’ve all seen the videos, and they’ve become increasingly popular over the years. But if you’re used to just cranking up the radio and singing along to your favorite songs, you know how annoying they are when you have to stop and sing along. With Family Fun Sing-Along, you don’t have to stop the music and read the lyrics—you can just listen to the words, and the app will automatically repeat them! The summer heat is in full swing. Spending hours in the car is bound to make you restless—one great way to keep the toddler entertained while in the car is to sing along. Kids love music, so take a CD of your favorite children’s songs and try using them as prompts for your child to sing out the lyrics.

When traveling by toddlers, especially those forced to sit at the back of the car for hours on end, parents need all the distractions they can get to keep their little people occupied. And make no mistake: traveling is much crazier with a toddler in tow than without one. Toddlers will (at least) whine and complain and (at least) sometimes throw tantrums. That’s right—the toddler stage is a mess.

Keeping the toddler occupied while on the road can be a major challenge. If you haven’t noticed, toddlers’ brains are learning sponges, and it’s challenging to keep them occupied unless you pull over every 5 minutes. While toddlers love to ride in cars, their minds can’t focus, so stop and stretch their legs and minds. They get bored and cranky, and it’s often hard to keep your focus on the road.

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