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Who Am I


The name’s Gary Lewis. I’m a dad in my 30’s, living with my wife and younguns, making things work every day with my own two hands.

I help run a collection of mechanic shops and car dealerships as their technical support advisor. Because of this, I get to be around computers and cars every work day, something I truly enjoy. 

I’m also thankful that this gives me lots of time to be with my family. It truly is a blessing.

Why Blog?

Learning things is a great point in life. It lets us get our hands dirty and stuck in, whether it be a whole new world or something close to what you've done before.

Getting a new skill under your belt is always good, right?

What's The Goal?

I've always said that if you want something done, you learn how it works.

I want to get a blog made for my work, and so I think I should know how it works before handing the money off for that kind of project.

Why The Name?

Motherboards and car tuning. That's it. It is really as simple as it sounds.

Combining these two interests into a title that makes sense is difficult, but tuning board came to mind one day and I couldn't get it out of my head.