How to Protect Your Car During Winter

Many regions throughout the United States will see below-normal temperatures for much of the winter. As a result, air pressure levels and other environmental factors will influence the normal air pressure at your workplace. If these environmental factors are less than ideal for your automobile, it may be time for you to perform supplementary maintenance on your vehicle. Maintenance on any car is never more important than during the wintertime.

With that in mind, there are a few things you can do to help protect your vehicle’s well-being in the cold winter months. During the winter, your first step should be to purchase an ice scraper and keep it in your vehicle to clean off those ice bits and help prevent them from sticking to your wiper blades while you’re on the road. After brushing any ice or snow off of your vehicle, brush off your vehicle, all lights, and tires, good and bad, and park your car in a garage or safe place. Doing so will help to prevent damage caused by freeze-ups in the situation where snow on the ground obstructs your vision.

Next, you will want to pour one of the following anti-icing substances into your vehicle’s radiator if the air conditioning is not currently using. anti-icing liquid, also known as crack discontinue Registyl antifreeze, Diamondbrite coolant, or ethylene glycol, to be exact. When these substances are set down, it allows the coolant to remain in your vehicle rather than leak into the surrounding atmosphere where it could pose a hazard to surrounding children or pets.

When you become acquainted with the anti-icing substance, you may want to brush some of the dirt out of the window. Taking a common-sense approach, you may also want to brush the lipstick off your windows as well. Doing so will prevent the auto paint itself from running and protect the glass itself in the process. All of this commonsense approach will assist you in negotiating winter roads.

When you brush your car windows, make sure to brush away those crumbs and toys. They often prove troublesome in the early fall, no matter how well-wrapped they are. Kids and pets are eager to enjoy this time of year, and leaving their Happy Meals on the dashboard is no deal. Purringeat on windows helps cars stay clean, and kids appreciate that you took the time to keep their driving school on the road.

Taking the time to perform these maintenance basics is part of winterizing your vehicle. Doing so will ensure that you and your car both travel in comfort, even in the coldest of winter. An AC system will allow your car to remain comfortably cool on those hot summer days, giving you more stops at happy hour with your car’s occupants.

If you would like to see how your car’s window functions in the absence of air conditioning, try the Car Pro windshield wiper test. There is a lightweight rubber hose attached to your car’s windshield which pushes back against the glass. When you are cleaning your car’s windows, make certain that the wiper arm is deployed. Additionally, examine your vehicle’s rear window for wiper blades that appear to be worn and torn. These blades should still be intact, allowing you to use them on your rear window.

Lastly, you should check the power locks on your windows. Many cars come with automated wiper features for the driver to activate and deactivate the windshield wiper. They are activated by fighters or switches attached to the inside of the rear window. Ensure that the wiper blades on your window are separated from the glass by a distance of at least one square foot. When checked, the rubber hose should still be attached to the inside of the rear window. Additionally, if you are unable to find the manufacturer’s specifications for the opes and mechanism, you should contact a reliable auto parts supplier who may be able to acquire them for you.

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